Beatrix Potter was more than the creator of Peter Rabbit. She left us a legacy which we still can see and enjoy. Her books, her art, her Herdwick sheep and her indomitable spirit are all part of her enormous legacy.

The legacy of Beatrix Potter

Beatrix Potter was much more than the creator of Peter Rabbit. She was also a scientist, a farmer and sheep breeder and was also a preservationist. She bought farms and land to preserve them, and by leaving her property to the National Trust she ensured that they are still preserved for us to enjoy today. After her death she donated 15 farms and 1600 hectares of nature to the National Trust.

The English landscape owes much to her and that is something we can still enjoy today.

A lasting Legacy

Beatrix Potter as an inspiration

As a female artist and writer Beatrix Potter is an inspiration to many artists and writers. Writers like Lucinda Riley, Maurice Sendak, Susan Wittig Albert, Marie-Aude Murail and even J.K. Rowling used the interesting life of Beatrix Potter in their books or named famous characters after her.

Beatrix Potter’s art and words still live on today as she continues to inspire artists.

The Shadow Sister by Lucinda Riley

Peter Rabbit and his friends soft toys

Beatrix Potter merchandise

Did you know that Peter Rabbit is one of the oldest licensed characters? Beatrix Potter was very keen on her ‘side shows’, as she called them. A woman of unusual entrepreneurial genius, Beatrix Potter registered a Peter Rabbit doll on 28 December 1903, recognising that ‘spin-off’ merchandise such as painting books, board games, and printed wallpapers would be marketing assets for her work.

Peter Rabbit and his friends now appear not only in books, but also on china and clothing, as figurines and soft toys, and featuring in games and on wallpaper.  They can even be seen on television and in the cinema.  The money Beatrix Potter earned from her merchandise helped her buy land in the Lake District.



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