Byelaws of The Beatrix Potter Society

The following byelaws supplement the Constitution and do not replace it.
(Our constitution and bylaws serve as our rules and codes of conduct.)

  1. Governing body
    1.a. The governing body for The Beatrix Potter Society shall consist of a Committee comprised of a minimum of five and a maximum of eight Trustees.

    1.b.  The Committee may also include up to four Co-opted Committee members who can be appointed at any given time during the year from AGM to AGM by a majority vote of the Trustees. Such Co­-opted members will not have the right to vote on Committee decisions. Each appointment can be renewed by vote of the Trustees at their first meeting following an AGM.

    1.c.  The Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer shall form an Executive Team with the power to:
    – authorise payments when aligned with pre-approved budgets
    – authorise payments for unplanned expenses costing up to £200
    – make decisions on routine administrative matters between Committee meetings.


  1. Other key volunteer roles
    2.a. In addition to the three roles required by the Constitution (Chair, Secretary and Treasurer), the Committee will recruit and appoint individuals to fill the range of volunteer positions needed to operate the Society.  These positions may include but are not limited to: Membership Secretary, Meetings Secretary, Conference and Tour Organiser, Journal and Newsletter Editor, Publications Manager, Sales Liaison or Manager, Registrar of Objects and Archivist, Reading and Introducing Beatrix Potter Organisers, Publicity – ‘Pottering About’ Editor, Website and Social Media Manager, and Photo Permissions Manager – and NALC Co-ordinator. In the event that non-Committee members hold any one of these positions, they will be required to maintain communications with the Trustees on a regular basis.

    2.b.  The Trustees may at any time create additional volunteer roles and/or redesign the responsibilities of existing roles, in order to match the skills and interests of Committee members and/or to meet the changing needs of the Society and its Trustees.

    2.c.  By majority vote, the Trustees may appoint Liaison Officers in North America, Japan, Australia, and other countries at any given time. Liaison Officers will not have voting powers. The term of service is flexible, but a minimum commitment of one year is required.

    2.d.  The Committee may establish sub-committees, planning teams, and ad hoc groups as needed by the Society.  Sub-committees will be required to maintain communications with the Committee on a regular basis.

  2. Committee meeting frequency and guests
    The Committee will hold meetings at least three times annually and have the authority to invite guests and consultants to participate as needed. Expenses for such guests and consultants must be agreed in advance.


  1. Changes and additions
    Changes and additions to the byelaws, any policies, and volunteer job descriptions are allowable at any point by a simple majority vote of the Trustees.
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