30 Jun 2020 | News

Beatrix Potter Letters

Letters written by Beatrix Heelis (nee Potter) reveal how she wanted to make a difference to the everyday lives of the locals by organising a Dis-trict Nursing service for Hawkshead.

The Beatrix Potter Society have successfully purchased at auction, from Dominic Winter Auctioneers, three hand written signed letters by Beatrix Potter, signed H.B. Heelis, dated 1937 – 43. All the letters are previously unknown, having been passed down through the recipients family until now.
Two of the letters shed an interesting light on ‘Mrs Heelis’ (nee Potter) in the community and add further to the Society’s knowledge of her involvement in the local District Nursing arrangements.
The letter dated 1943 shows Beatrix’s reflections on the rationing of petrol during WWII and her thoughts on essential journeys for nurses as opposed to unreasonable daily journeys to school by local children in taxis.

These letters highlight Beatrix Potter’s Care for her Community 1937-1943

Beatrix Potter Letters (c) Dominic Winter Auctioneers

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