Nomination Form

The Beatrix Potter Society Nomination Form

The AGM to be held on 16 March 2019 at the V&A is our time to elect and re-elect Trustees, and to appoint new Co-opted Committee members. Trustee terms are for three years with the option of serving an additional three years. Non-voting Co-opted terms are for one year, but may be extended.

We are looking for someone to serve as Membership Secretary, Secretary-in-Training, and Marketing and Advertising Manager. Members from the UK are especially encouraged to stand for election for these roles. We also need Members worldwide to help plan Society meetings, develop collaborative projects, identify advertisers, and do outreach to new Members. Please consider volunteering in some capacity! The Society cannot function without many volunteers.

If you are willing to serve as a Trustee, or if you are willing to serve as a Co-opted Committee member, simply complete and submit the form below and return it by 20 February 2019. Email is required in order to serve on the Committee.

Note: Committee members are reimbursed for travel and accommodation expenses in order to attend Committee meetings in the UK. Overseas Committee members are reimbursed for airfare up to a maximum pre-agreed amount. The Committee meets two or three times in person, and communicates via email or Skype. Access to the Internet is therefore essential for all roles.

Nomination Form

I am willing to become a Committee member of The Beatrix Potter Society, to attend Committee meetings, and to assist with running the Society.

Please tick all that apply:

I am being endorsed by the following Members (write in their names):

Please provide brief background information about your interest in Beatrix Potter and the skills that you are willing to share as a Committee member or volunteer. Is there a certain role you would like to fill?
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