Who We Are




Dame Patricia Routledge, D.B.E.

Brian Alderson

Judy Taylor Hough, M.B.E.
Irene Whalley

Trustees (Elected committee)

Miranda Gore Browne
Helen Duder
Angela Rijks-Bettink
Kathy Cole
Janet Sullivan
Andrew Wiltshire

Donna S Priesmeyer
Sue Smith

Registrar of Objects and Archivist
Social Media
Pottering About
Treasurer, Sales Liaison, Data Protection Officer
Publications Chair

Co-opted Committee Members

Liz Adams
Angela Black
Betsy Bray
Robyn Watts

Membership Secretary
Meetings Secretary
Website Manager

Ex-Officio Committee Members

Liz Hunter MacFarlane
Annemarie Bilclough

for the National Trust
for the Victoria and Albert Museum

Overseas Liaison Officers

Dale Schafer
Suzanne Terry
Helen Sirett

Yoshihide Kawano
Lynne Moriarty

North America
North America
North American Leadership Circle


The committee is assisted by a number of Society Members, including:

Vicky Stone
Janet Edwards
Ann Troxell

Emma Benson
Suzanne Terry

Membership leaflet distribution
Reading and Introducing Beatrix Potter, UK and Europe
Reading and Introducing Beatrix Potter, USA and Canada
Financial Administrator
Photo Permissions


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