09 Feb 2024 | News

Brunch with Beatrix Potter

The Beatrix Potter Society has members worldwide. This is also the case in Australia. Our Australian Liaison Officer, Lynne, was recently invited to talk about Beatrix Potter on the radio.

ABC Adelaide mornings with David Bevan

In the ABC Adelaide mornings with David Bevan program she let listeners know that Beatrix Potter was much more than the creator of Peter Rabbit and gave the example that Beatrix Potter, long before the existence of the NHS, cared for a nurse in rural Lake District. She could see the benefits of having a District Nurse, not only for herself but for all the local residents, to improve health care, and in 1948 the arrangement was taken over by the NHS (National Health Service).

Scientific drawings

Lynne also talks about the many scientific drawings of mushrooms, spores and fungi.

Listen to Lynne

The fragment can be listened to via SoundCloud.

Beatrix Potter Society · Brunch with Beatrix – ABC Adelaide mornings with David Bevan
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