Beatrix Potter Fables to Faeries

Studies XIII (2008)


Beatrix Potter: Fables to Faeries

This publication in the Studies series records the talks given at the Thirteenth Beatrix Potter Society International Study Conference in Ambleside in July 2008.

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126 pages
Colour illustrations throughout
Printed in the UK on FSC certified paper
ISBN 978-1-869980-25-2

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Year of publication: 2009

Paperback A5 size


  • Brian Alderson: ‘Tekkin’ a Trip’
  • Katja Robinson: ‘Fairy Fungi and Fairy Rings: Beatrix Potter and Victorian Fairy Painting’,
  • Lolly Robinson: ‘Hey diddle dinketty: Beatrix Potter and Nursery Rhymes’
  • Emma Laws: ‘The Art of the Potter Family: the Duke Collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum’,
  • Nina Demourova: ‘Baba Yaga and the Gentleman with Sandy-coloured Whiskers: Beatrix Potter and the Traditional Fairy Tale’
  • Suzanne Terry: ‘Beatrix Potter’s Gypsies, Caravans, and Travelling Circuses’,

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