Aesop in the shadows

Peter Hollindale (2000)


Aesop in the shadows by Peter Hollindale

‘Aesop in the Shadows’ was the 1997 Annual Linder Memorial Lecture, given by Peter Hollindale at the Royal Entomological Society in London on 14 May and published in this booklet form in 2000.

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22 pages
Black and white illustrations
Printed in the UK
ISBN 1-869980-18-2

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Year of publication: 2000

Paperback A5 size

It is a fascinating look at Beatrix Potter’s work and legacy, examining the relationship between humanised social comedy and natural history in her books, against a background of morality that comes from the tradition of fables.  This contribution to Potter scholarship will make you look afresh at her achievements and, just now, would be an excellent companion to the current ‘Aesop in the shadows’ display at the V&A (which finishes in August 2023).

A long-term Member, Peter Hollindale gave a number of talks to The Beatrix Potter Society and contributed regularly to the J&N; he is also the author of many books and articles about children’s literature, and taught at the University of York for more than thirty years.

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