Peter Rabbit and the Child Psychologist

Nicholas Tucker (1989)

Peter Rabbit and the Child Psychologist

some further adventures

By Nicholas Tucker

In addition to the publications currently in print and listed for sale, the Beatrix Potter Society has published a number of other items during its forty-year history, many of which contain unique information and research, but which are now out of print.  These Beatrix Potter Society publications are sometimes available as donated bring-and-buy items Рplease contact us for more information. Otherwise, these out-of-print titles occasionally appear on the wider second-hand market.

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15 pages
Written by Nicholas Tucker
No images
Printed in the UK
ISBN 1 869980 4 2

Year of publication: 1989

Paperback A5 size


  • Introduction
  • Peter Rabbit and the Child Psychologist: Some furhrt adventures
  • The Beatrix Potter Society