The Tale o Peter Kinnen – Beatrix Potter

Translated by Lynne McGeachie


The Tale O Peter Kinnen – The Tale of Peter Rabbit in Scots

Published by the Beatrix Potter Society in the same format as the ‘Little Books’ originally produced by Frederick Warne i.e. Hardcover with dust jacket and coloured illustrations throughout.

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70 pages
Colour illustrations throughout
ISBN 1-869980-21-2

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Year of publication: 2004

Hardback A6 format

Do you recognize this? ‘Aince upon a time, there wis fower wee Kinnen, an thair nems wis — Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottonbun, an Peter. They bid wi thair Mither in a san-baunk, aneath the ruit o a muckle fir-tree.’ This book, The Tale o Peter Kinnen, looks like The Tale of Peter Rabbit, feels like it and, in fact, is it: the only difference is that it is the first telling of the adventures of this famous rabbit in Lowland Scots. In this translation of the much-loved classic, Peter ‘warsels unner yetts’, he ‘greets’ and gets himself ‘fair droukit’ and ‘bumbazed’. It’s no wonder then that Peter ‘tint ane o his shuin amang the kail’.

The translation by Lynne McGeachie provides a clever use of Scots which beautifully complements Potter’s original illustrations and with the inclusion in this edition of six extra pictures, The Tale o Peter Kinnen will be a ‘bonnie’ addition to any bookcase. It will also bring Peter Rabbit to many young Scottish readers for the first time and may give others a taste of a different, and unique, edition of one of the world’s best loved children’s stories.

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