Beatrix Potter Society binders for Journal and Newsletters x2


Back in stock! These wonderful Beatrix Potter Society Binders will help you to organize and protect your collection of Journal and Newsletters.

Cordex self-binding cases in blue. The binders are designed to hold up to 24 Journal and Newsletters. Very easy to use. It holds the magazines together for safe and convenient storage and easy reference using a spring loaded cord method. They can be removed or rearranged without damaging the J&N’s.

Titled in silver and blocked with the Society’s ‘Mouse Reading’ logo by Beatrix Potter.

Whether you are buying these binders as a gift for yourself, a loved one or another member, you are supporting The Beatrix Potter Society. Thanks to your support.

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The Beatrix Potter Society is proud to say that the packaging we use for your order is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Reviews by our members:

“I love these binders! They really do make storing and reading the journals easier.”

“These binders are both attractive and protective. I love to keep my Journals in order all neat and tidy on the bookshelf.”

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